Technical data

Pedrazzini Capri. The classic mahogany boat.

Named after the famed Italian resort and offspring of the legendary Capri Super Deluxe of 1955, today’s Capri also has an air of la dolce vita. The pure mahogany hull lends the boat its classical beauty, while being completely functional. The refined timber construction creates an incomparably strong shell, while Pedrazzini’s characteristic styling optimizes its capacity to glide smoothly through the water. A generous assemblage of luxurious details completes the experience.

Technical data

Technische Daten Capri englisch

Technical data

Length overall 7,47 m
Hull length 7,16 m
Beam overall 2,45 m
Max. draft incl. prop and rudder 0,65 m
Weight (depends on engine selection) 2050 kg
Fuel tank capacity 225 l


6.2 l petrol: 239 kW, app. 73 km/h, app. 39 kn
4 LHA diesel: 191 kW, app. 70 km/h, app. 37 kn

Structural features

Shell: Premium solid mahogany, moulded triple-layer double-diagonal carvel construction (13 mm). This three-layer mould-glued exterior skin produces an absolutely torsion-free, self-supporting outer shell, with no residual inter-nal stress; it easily withstands the most severe punishment without fatigue.

Hull below waterline: Marine plywood, 12.5 mm thick, 9-ply glued.

Decks: Marine plywood with light-coloured inlays, 20 mm thick, moulded.

Varnishing: Epoxy/polyurethane clearcoat.

Fittings: Saltwater-resistant special cast bronze, or corrosion-proof or chrome-plated brass. Proprietary designs.

Electrical installations

2 batteries, 90 Ah each.

One batterie as engine starter and one additional battery for accessories such as refrigerator, radio/cassette/CD, etc.

Two main battery switches.

Audible alarm system for oil pressure and water temperature, VDO instruments.

Mechanical installations

Oil-hydraulic steering system. Optimum noise insulation around engine compartment.

A4 chromium steel fuel tank.

Two large A4 chromium steel silencers
(Pedrazzini system) ensure quiet operation even at full engine output.



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7 a.m.–5 p.m.
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Design Charles Blunier & Co.
Photography Sven Germann and Oliver Nanzig