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In the beginning was water. And Pedrazzini’s pioneering spirit.

1906, at the age of 22, boat builder Augusto Pedrazzini moved from his home on Lake Como to Lake Zurich. In 1914, he set up his first boatyard in Zurich-Wollishofen and in 1929, after buying his own land, moved to Bäch. Filled with the same pioneering spirit, in 1955 his son Ferruccio built the Capri, on which today’s runabouts are based. The family firm has been managed since 1993 by Claudio Pedrazzini, whose son Alessandro now represents the fourth generation in the business.

Pedrazzini boats have a long tradition. That makes them timeless.

With the advent of industrially manufactured boats in the 1950s, many boat builders turned away from traditional craftsmanship. Not so Ferruccio Pedrazzini. Committed to his father’s standard of artistry, he concentrated on exclusive mahogany boats and, with a unique hull style and eye-catching lines, created the basis for today’s Pedrazzini models. By virtue of continuous but careful development of the boat-building tradition, the runabouts combine modern performance with timeless beauty. 

Pedrazzini does not just create boats, rather an incomparable attitude to life.

It’s not just the resonant name, but also the elegant design language that reflects the cultural background of the Pedrazzini family and recalls the glittering dolce vita of the 1950s. That was the golden era of small but luxurious sports boats. But closer examination also reveals the Swiss virtues of the Bäch-based workshop. From bow to stern, and indeed down to the most hidden detail, these craft embody a level of precision and quality that is very hard to match in the boat-building world.

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Seestrasse 59–61
8806 Bäch am Zürichsee

T +41 44 786 90 90


7 a.m.–5 p.m.
Saturdays by arrangement

Design Charles Blunier & Co.
Photography Sven Germann and Oliver Nanzig